About Us

Welcome to Happy New Life In The Sun, Costa Blanca Fun.

We are the Hancock family and we made the big decision to move from the UK to Spain in 2018. We would love to share our adventure with you…….

I’m Jess, I am 39 and i’m obsessed with all things natural, I really enjoy cooking and I love spending time at the beach being surrounding by nature.

My Husband Sim ( short for Simon) is 40 and is a landscape gardener. He is a keen mountain biker and loves watching formula 1.

We love an adventure, we love trying new things and we love skiing/snowboarding and we especially love wine!!!

Harvey is 10 years old he loves Minecraft, Star Wars & superheroes, he has a massive thirst for knowledge and loves to eat sardines! Harvey has high functioning autism also known as Aspergers.

Keira is 6 and never shuts up, no really!!! she is a happy little girl who loves unicorns, fairy’s and all things sparkly. She is really enjoying learning Spanish and loves going to school.

We have had a whirlwind year and are now happily enjoying our new life in the sun. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t all been plain sailing and there have been ups and downs as you would expect with any house move let alone a relocation to a new country but we wouldn’t change a thing.

Moving to Spain is our chance to have an adventure. We were craving more from life than just living day to day, working to live. We wanted fun & excitement. We wanted our children to get the most out of life, to experience a different culture, try new foods, visit exciting places & learn a new language. Moving to a new country can give amazing opportunities and hopefully when they are older they will appreciate the life we have striven to give them.

We want to enable other family’s to do the same, we hope to inspire you to see that anything is possible. We spent many years thinking about it, our only regret is that we wish we had done it sooner.

When we were looking to make the move we struggled to find all the information we were looking for relating to moving to Spain with a family. I am a massive researcher, once I have an idea, I’m on it and I was desperate to soak up as much information as I could find but I found I was trawling the world wide web for hours, I joined as many Spanish/expat facebook groups as i could find and asked so many questions but it was so time consuming and the more I read, the more questions it unearthed.

Our vision is to help you find all this information in once place so you can make your own decisions more easily, we have documented everything from day 1 and will be sharing our full story with you, the highs and the lows, this is our honest take on making a new life abroad.

Thank you for being here, we hope you enjoy our adventures

Jess, Sim, Harvey & Keira xxx