I absolutely LOVE cooking, its definitely one of my favourite pastimes, I love eating the food I create too but there is nothing better than creating a meal that everyone else loves.

Here I will share with you some of my favourite family recipes, food has always been a massive part of my family’s life, everything exciting happens around the dinner table and we have been lucky that we have always had large family gatherings that revolved around a feast.

From get together’s at my grandparents farm house when we were growing up, watching my grandma cater for 10+ people regularly when the whoe family descended upon them, to being shown my way around a kitchen my by stepmom, who a lot of our family recipes have been inspired by.

We were always encouraged to help with dinner and when we were young, if i’m honest I found it a real chore back then but now I know how lucky I am to have been given first hand experience. My family will never go hungry that’s for sure, food is the recipe of LOVE!

I hope you find inspiration from our favourite recipes too and remember to mix it up a little and put your own twist on things, trust your intuition and taste everything as you go along, just to make sure!!!

Slow cooked pulled pork with homemade rosemary & garlic flat breads & a smokey, spicy sauce.

This recipe always goes down a treat and is not difficult to cook, you can mix it up to suit your own taste buds and make it perfect for you & your family.

Here we serve the pork with flat breads and salad but you can also serve it with crusty bread, in a bap or just with a salad.

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Paella is definitely our favourite Spanish dish and not only is it incredibly tasty but its all cooked in one pan so there is less washing up too.

There are different versions of paella all over Spain, each province seems to have its own take on Paella with a local twist and its interesting to try all the different specialities when travelling around Spain

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Cava Sorbet

Roti Bread